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!! ATTENTION !! - Rules For Ratio Free Section(w.e.f 5th April 2011 [ Immediate])

Forum Rules

Rules For Ratio Free Section(w.e.f 05th April 2011 [ Immediate])

Dear Members/Releasers,

Follow The General Guidelines set as in the Main section of Movies/Music/Video's. Screenshots/File Information/Credits etc. http://exdesi.com/fo...

Sample will not be required if postings links upto 100MB

1. If you are uploading a big video file, Use HJ split to split The file, according to your/file sharing site's requirement & then upload ... Zip/Rar files will not be tolerated in general interest of our members, as they may have malicious programs, advt., Trojans, Viruses etc.

For MUSIC section, zipped/rared files are permitted, as there is No choice with the uploaders. NO Password is allowed for doing so anymore.

Prefer To upload single tracks in Music section if possible..

2. Do not Post FTP Links. Anyone posting these will be punished.

3. Any advertisement in links or using Password, will directly lead to Infraction(without Any warning).

4. As it happens many a times ... the links go dead after a while. It has been decided that links posted here will be trashed after 30 days(earlier if found dead). The repost rule in this section has been revoked ... you find one link dead take another. Members posting dead links, fake links or links leading to advertisements will be warned and infracted as per the case. It is in your intrest to keep your links alive and updated, similarly for your threads also from now on ... do keep checking them time to time as you check your files on file sharing site.

5. A new section is also being added "Pre-Release" all Pre-Release links go here from now on including CAMs. Please avoid posting links for the movies who's DVDs/Rips are already out. This section will be purely for Pre-releases.

6. Totally avoid posting links showing Pornographic advertisements once you reach there. We understand it is beyond your control but show some discretion, avoid fly by night types of sites. Also, the ones promising you money for xyx number of downloads. They are basically frauds and may ingest Trojans along your files ... potential risk to yourself and downloaders.

7. Do Not Put the Links in CODE Tags Simply paste the Links. You can hide them if you want using HIDE Tags but do not use CODE or QUOTE or any other Tags.

Finally, Follow The Rules. Help Us In Making This Site Better And Clean.

Note : Rules Are Subject To Change Any Time. Kindly Be Updated With The Rules Time To Time.

Good Luck
ExDesi Staff Team

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