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!! ATTENTION !! - Update in TV Section Rules - Effective May 1st, 2010.

Forum Rules

Dear Members / Releasers,

With Great Need And Request We Have Revised Some Of Our Rules For TV Time Section.

These Rules Will Be Effectively Be Taken In Forced Action From 1 May 2010.
In Case Of Any Queries Regarding The Disagreement Of Warning And Infarction Received, PM Any Members Of Staff Team Rather Than Creating Aggressive Or Offensive Thread.

No Offense Against Any Decision Made By Our Staff Will Be Tolerated. This May Result To Direct Ban Without Any Excuse.

Updated Rules 1. ExDesi Rules : Please Follow All The ExDesi Rules http://exdesi.com/fo...xdesicom-rules/

1. Releasing And Seeding : When You Release Or Seed Any Torrents Please Be Sure You Can Seed The Release. If You Can't Do So Then Don't Create The Thread. Also, If You Cannot Seed Continuously Then Kindly Mention The The Seeding Time In Your Signature In Your Signature Or in The Thread Itself. Action Will Be Taken To The Members If Not Found Seeding Their Torrent Within 24 Hours Of Release. If you are doing INDIRECT SEEDING mention in thread. All other adjectives are now not going to be allowed anymore ... Best Rip, First on the Net, High Quality, Hi-Def, HQ, PQ, Xtreme Seeding.

2. Basic Information : All The Basic Info Of The File Should Be Posted. Example : File Info ( Bitrate, Frame Rate,ETC), Release Date, Screenshots.Actual 2 or 3 screenshots is must along with thumbnails from media player (optional).Quality can't adjudged through thumbnails

3. Hiding Contents : Some Of The Contents (EG : Part Of Screenshots) Can Be Hidden. But Please Do not Hide All The Information.

4.Credits : If You Are Not The Ripper And Only The Releaser Then Kindly Give Credits To Original Ripper In Your Thread.

5.Advertisement : Advertisement Of Any Kind Of External Links Will Not Be Tolerated. However, You Can Remove The Advertisement By Re-Encoding The Rip But Original Ripper's Name Should Be Duly Given Credit.

6. Non-Desi Stuff : Any Kind Of NonDesi TV Series Cannot Be Posted Here. However, English Documentaries and Famous Cartoon Movies Are Allowed Here but should be TV Rip.

7. Adult Stuff : Adult Stuff Is Strictly Prohibited. If You Are Adult Stuff Lover Then We Have Got Separate Site For That (www.desi6.com). However, Some Documentaries Regarding Adult Education Can Be Posted Only Under Consultation With The Members From Our Staff Team. Remember, You Should Compulsorily Mention [18+] On The Thread Title While Posting Such Kind Of Stuff.

8. Ratiofree Link : Ratiofree Links Of TV Stuff Should Be Posted On Correct Section. We've Got Separate Section For That http://exdesi.com/fo.../63-tv-serials/ 9. Offensive Threads : Donot Post Any Kind Of Offensive Thread Against Any Religion Or Particular Society (Either Its A Documentary Or TV Series)

10. Spamming : Bumping , Spamming And Indirect Spamming Has Got Zero Tolerance. So Please Give Sensible Comments While Replying To Threads. Otherwise Serious Action Will Be Taken.

11. Repost : Kindly Go Through Advanced Search Tab To Avoid Further Reposts Before Posting The Thread.

12. Responsibility : Releaser Will Be Solely Responsible If Any Kind Of Problem Or Issues Gets Created Later On. Please Do Take Care Of It.

13. Duplicate Release will not allowed, If one member is covering a serial, contact him or Team leader to post particular serial or episode.Handling the TV section is responsibility of TV Team, if you want to post any serial, TV shows contact first Team Leader, take permission from him. No need of permission for documentaries, cartoon movies but all releases under TV section willbe according to TV Team's rules.

We in EXD for Tv section dont prefer Leeched Stuff. We only encourage Self Ripped Stuff

Finally, Follow The Rules. Help Make Us The Site Better Environment Clean.

Good Luck

ExdTv Team

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